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“Dampening Studies” is the first book to fully unravel the intricacies of dampening and pedaling on the vibraphone. With a foreword by master vibraphonist David Friedman, the reader is guided through a comprehensive method for dampening on the vibraphone, including 16 etudes of progressive difficulty and varying style. Foundational dampening techniques are thoroughly explored alongside lesser-known and even novel ones, with each technique presented in a practical and musical way.


The book is split into four sections: pedaling, basic dampening, dampening effects, and advanced dampening. Each section contains several techniques, along with brief instructional material and etudes for each. A particular point of emphasis is musicality. Each etude was written as music first and an exercise second, with the goal of demonstrating not only how to execute each technique, but also why the technique is even necessary for the music. 


Mastery of these techniques will ensure you have the tools you need – and some tools you didn’t even know you needed – to properly express your own music on the vibraphone. Whether it be through correct pedaling, virtuosic dampening, or application of some more advanced techniques, this book will transform how you play the instrument.


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Dampening Studies

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