Private Lessons

Just as I encourage my students, I am constantly learning, practicing, and finding new musical obsessions. I’m perpetually reminded of how it feels to be new to something, and of how to best tackle these musical problems in the practice room. And I love to share! Whether you are a complete beginner, an already-serious vibraphonist, or anything in between, I would love to dive into the subjects that intrigue you and introduce you to new concepts along the way. 

Having taught total newcomers, older folks who just do vibes as a hobby, and students who fully intend for vibes to be their career, I understand that everyone requires a unique approach, tailored to their individual goals. So, while I have dozens of exercises to share that will lead to immediate improvement for voicings, improvisation, technique, etc., I put an emphasis on this element of individuality, with a unique, carefully-crafted plan for each student.

I teach weekly half-hour or hour lessons, billed by the month, and one-off lessons as my schedule allows. Lessons are held on zoom, so all you need is a phone or laptop to get started — I use high-quality audio, multiple cameras, and high-speed internet to make the experience as smooth as possible. Contact me to check my current availability and for details about timing and pricing. I would love to work with you!

"Lessons are definitely a highlight of my week! Oliver is great about picking up what I already knew and expanding on it. Every week I come away learning something new and useful."

- Travis (Newport, TN)

Books & Materials

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"Advanced Dampening Techniques for the Modern Vibraphonist" is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work, practice, and deep thinking about dampening technique on the vibraphone.


The book will feature 16 etudes, each demonstrating a different type of dampening — some standard, some uncommon, and some completely novel. There will also be three longer, final pieces encompassing all of dampening technique.


Official release date TBA — but aiming for early November of 2022.


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